Monday, 29 January 2018

A bunch of Wedding Flowers

Hello everyone!

With no doubt the wedding day is the most important day in a woman's  life ! This is the reason
today that I will show you  my new wedding project. It's not completely finished  yet, but I promise you I'll display it here when it is!

You can see a bunch of different pretty pieces such as roses, four different colours and sizes of mini flowers and gypsophila spreads. Believe me, this took me lots and lots of hours and sore fingers while making them but it was definitely worth it! 

Look at this stunning beauty!

All my babies were made out of different colours foamiran.

All those charming flowers and more will form the product in perfect integrity, which you'll see very soon! 
Can you guess what is it ;-)?

Thank you for stopping by again! 
Wishing you wonderful week!

Elena xxx

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Tuesday, 23 January 2018

A Bird Card

Hello everyone!

Can you imagine how deserted our world would be without those little creatures, birds?
Today I'm here with my new inspiration for Noor Design, a brand new card, which I called a Bird Card!

To create it I've used an absolutely adorable new collection of scrapbook paper Mintay, Birdsong by Karola! This was a love from first sight! Look at this beauties!

The card was  made holus-bolus :-)! 
As you can see there are lots of colourful layers, diverse shades of peach, cream, turquoise, green and Indian red.

The foliage was made using my favorite Fantasy dies Birch Leaves and String of Pearls and Stamens. They are amazing aren't they!

The sentiment came on its own and took place on the upper right corner ;-)

Do you see this enchanting pale pink lace? I adore it! 

Of course, this card wouldn't be mine without my usual foamiran flowers which were added to emphasize its exotic allure! I created them all out of red foamiran by dint of  Fantasy Openwork Rose.

Thank you for stopping by again!
Wishing you a colourful new week!

Take care!
Elena xxx

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Tuesday, 16 January 2018

Blush Roses

Hello Everyone!

I'm here again to show you my new blush roses - the beginning of my new project.

Those gentle flowers were made out of Peach foamiran and slightly coloured with light brown oil pastel in the middle.

 As you can see there are some mini white flowers with green centres and pearl stamens - beautiful additions to my roses.

Hope you like my new bunch of flowers !

Thank you for coming around!
See you soon!

Elena xx

The products used can be ordered in the Noor! Design U.K. webshop:

Tuesday, 9 January 2018

FFF Tutorial

Happy New 2018, everyone!

I love discovering different ways how to use the same die. There is so many potential in one set. Two mounts ago I've shown you how can you make roses from such an amazing Whimsy Stamps Rose Die Set. This is why, today I'm going to demonstrate some other way how to use it and to make those beautiful FESTIVE FOAMIRAN FLOWERS (FFF) :-))))! 

I chose the middle die shape but you also can choose any other it depends how big your flowers like to be. As you can see I cut 6 petals out of blue genuine foamiran (you can choose any other of course).

To make my petals brighter, suitable for my project, I applied white oil pastel on them using piece of kitchen sponge. 

I heated every each as the iron was previously heated on grade 2 (silk)...

... rolled it quickly and stretched in the bottom part of the petal. 

There are some pictures for the next stage of my work,  which are going to show you successively how I stuck the petals.

Finally, I had this beautiful five petals blue flower with this stunning embellishment 'Button Alexis White' in the middle.

Those are some other examples: 

Hope you like them! I would love to see yours :-)

See you soon!

Elena xxx

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Tuesday, 2 January 2018

Spring Dreaming Flowers

Happy New 2018!

Wishing you a New Year filled with new Hope, new Joy and new Creative Inspirations!

I'm back today with some really fresh and bright inspiration! There are my enchanting Spring Dreaming Foamiran flowers!

The flowers were made out of different colours foamiran, yellow, pink antique white and peach.

To get this vein petal effect, I've printed them with a Mould Hydrangea Leaf.

The stamens which suited the best to my new foamiran flowers were Matt Cluster Stamens - plum and  wine colours.

I hope you like my latest creation! Thank you for stopping by!

Don't forget to leave your lovely comments and to visit, where you can find all the items I've used and much more :-)

Elena xxx

The products used can be ordered in the Noor! Design U.K. webshop:

Monday, 1 January 2018

January Cinnamon Rose

Happy New Year everyone!

I'm back today with my inspiration for the Noor Design U.K. January Challenge ''Anything Goes''

This beautiful flower was made out of Zephyr Silk Foam and coloured with oil pastels. There are a few pictures on my January Cinnamon Rose:

The items I've used to create it are:
Zephyr Silk Foam
Oil pastels
You can find them in

Thank you for coming around!
See you very soon!
Elena xxx

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