Monday, 26 March 2018

Yellow Rose Spray

Hello everyone!

It's my turn today to inspire you with a new foamiran creation!
I'm always excited to be exploring a variety of techniques and material so this is the result of my last play with yellow foamiran. It seemed rather appropriate for my idea.

To tint the petals ( you know myself, I can't leave this out :-) I used orange oil pastel.

As you can see I added a few eucalyptus leaves made out of Silk Suit foam and some berries - a perfect finishing touch for my composition.

At the end I would like to say that, Eulanda Silvey, this is my virtual present to you! For all your great job and support, Thank You for the bottom of my heart!

Thank you for coming around everyone!
Wishing you a wonderful week!
Elena xxx

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Sunday, 25 March 2018

First Holy Communion set

Hello my friends!

I'm very pleased to share something new I've made yesterday. 

It's luscious and pink like candy floss (yummy) :-).

No, it's not for eating but it's a First Holy Communion  invitation set for a sweet baby girl.

It includes an exploding box 4.5'' and an invitation flat card all in candy pink, white and cream colours with adorable details and a 3D baby cradle inside of course all those sprinkled with my beloved foamiran flowers.

Thank you for stopping by!
Elena xxx

Tuesday, 20 March 2018

Easy Foamiran Flowers

Hello everyone!

I was asked several times to make a tutorial for easy and quick foamiran flowers suitable for scrapbook projects. 
Here we go!

You'll need:

2 pieces of Fantasy openwork rose die set (the second large die with four petals and this one with three petals),
a flower making tool set,
two colours of foamiran (I chose strips of antic white and peach),
a glue gun + glue sticks,
a piece of kitchen sponge,
an oil pastel (I chose dark purple),
some stamens,
an iron,
scissors and
a soft pad (could be a kitchen sponge).

Cut out the petals. You need just one of the each size and colour.

Fold the smaller piece and shade its edges as it's shown on the picture.

 Make small slits (3 or 4 mm) between petals of the white part towards its centre.

Heat and fold the small piece using a flower making tool.

After heating and bending your small part should look like this:

Now it's time to shape our big petals. Warm each petal separately and using  flower making tool, push the petal with the ball into a soft surface to curve it. 

As a result of these activities you should have those two shapes.
The next step is to prepare a bunch of stamens (3 double headed are pretty enough).

Attach the stamens into a small piece of florist wire and add the petals successively piercing them in the centre as it's shown on the picture.

Apply a little drop of glue between them and gently stick the petals. Don't pull the stamens to the very bottom of the petal.

Now your mini flower is ready! You can stick it onto your card or some other scrapbook project!

Thank you very much for coming again!
Wishing you a wonderful week!
Elena xxx

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Tuesday, 13 March 2018

Orange Wild Rose Arrangement

Hi everyone!

Here is a  new floral arrangement from me today I'd like to inspire you with!
This time I will show you some other flower made out of Silk Suite PEACH - my orange wild rose. 

The petals of this wonderful flower were coloured with oil pastels and I simply rolled them between my fingers, to gain that natural looking appearance. You don't need to use any iron! Silk Suite is a soft and stretchable enough material and said in short - perfect for handwork!

Exploring new materials (and thanks to Tracy from Noor! Design U.K.) I found that Fruit Stamens fit perfectly as a flower stigma to my rose. I also added some vintage Matt Heart Head stamens which were coloured in the desire shade. 

My rose is accompanied by some tender daisy flowers made out of Zephyr Silk foam with yellow - orange centers. 

To finish my flower arrangement I threw some greenery in made out of yellow green genuine foamiran tinted with olive green and orange oil pastels.
Hope you like it!

Thank you for coming around!
Have an amazing week!

Elena xxx

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Monday, 5 March 2018

Red poppy flower

Hi everyone! 

Despite the snow weather condition outside today I'd like to show you something vivid and vibrant - my new flower composition!

I chose Silk Suite this time, which is an amazing material for making realistic flowers.

For the poppy buds I picked up genuine olive green foamiran but for the leaves,the forest green colour.

As you can see for the centerpiece I used Fruit Stamens GREEN/PINK. Clever, isn't it :-) 

Thank you for visiting !
See you next week!
Elena xxx

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Birthday Card

Hi everyone!

This is a Birthday card for a very special lady that I've made recently!

To make it I used a beautiful Violet Silence Set of Lemon Craft. They always surprise me whit their incredible designs :-)

To gain this spring-ish view I made lots of foamiran flowers in vibrant colours attached into light green sisal.

On the left hand side of the card, under the foamiran flowers, you can see hand painted green leaves and flowers - my last penchant :-). 

Some clipboards embellish my Birthday card. This is from Scrapiniec fantasma.

I love using art stones in my project. As you can see this one is not an exception.

I'm really happy that the recipient loved it! 
Hope you love it too!

Thank you for visiting!
Elena xxx

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