Tuesday, 31 October 2017

Shaggy Flower money/cheque Envelope

Hello everyone!

It was high time I used some beautiful scrapbook paper so I've decided 
this week to show you one of my favourite  creations -  a Shaggy Flower Money/Cheque Envelope which is suitable for any occasions.
 To give money someone it's not the best present but sometimes happens especially when we receive an invitation in a last minute. However, if this happens lets do this stylish :-) 

To cover the base of envelope I've used an absolutely amazing sheet of  Pion Design The Witching Hour Dark Roses scrapbook paper. 

In the top left corner you can see some stunning and easy-making flowers cut by Rosy Owl Flower Dies. To create them I used Genuine Ivory and Antique White Foamiran. I colored the edges with dark purple oil pastel to give then more dramatic view. Also add that stunning Wycinanka lace Border No.4 and some purple leaves.

For fastener of the envelope I used this Vintage Button and a piece of white string.

The inner side was covered with pieces of Pion Design The Witching Hour Dark Roses, Pion Design The Witching Hour Midnight Spell. 

This is my inspiration for you all today! 
Thank you for coming around! 
See you next time! 

Elena xxx

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Tuesday, 24 October 2017

Winter Poppy

Hi everyone!

It's me again!
My inspiration for you this time is those purple-violet-bluish vibrant and extraordinary Foamiran Poppy Flowers. I know, I know, they're quite unusual, but why not? In the flower world there are a vast amount of unbelievable colour combinations :-).
Poppies were made out of Genuine white and purple Foamiran, whereas the leaves were made out of Silk Suite.

There were many stamens needed in the centrepiece so I've used two-tone stamens and colored the white part in light blue to get the necessary colour combination.

For the leaves I went with, already my favorite, Silk Suite CREAM, printing it a Chrysanthemum Leaf Mould. The last one I find vert appropriate for making leaves suitable for my arrangement.

Coloring was very important part for this project! As you can see I used a few of them to gain the necessary combination such as prussian blue, violet, lilac, purple and malachite green oil pastels. It was such a fun to play with those once.

That's my feeling about the upcoming winter, bright and vibrant - saturated with particles from the past summer :-)!

Thank you for visiting! 
Elena xxx

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Monday, 16 October 2017

Wild Rose Hips

Hello dear friends!

My new Autumn inspiration for you today is  this bunch of Wild Rose Hips!

It was a huge challenge for me to create them but I couldn't resist this beauty passing through the Wild Rose bushes in my neighborhood in my daily walk.

The best foam to make them from me is Silk Suite because it's the most soft but elastic material I've ever seen on the market! Furthermore, it can be manipulated very easily by stretching, twisting and rolling. These features make Silk Suite the best suited to work with moulds. It doesn't take much effort to get the desired imprint.

  For this project I've used Silk Suite RED for the Rose Hips,

 ... and Silk Suite GREEN for the leaves.

Hope you like it! 
Thank you for coming again!
Elena xxx

The product used can be ordered in the Noor! Design U.K.
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Wednesday, 11 October 2017

Christmas Decorations

Hello my dear friends! 

I wanted to escape for a moment from all this colorful and obsessing foamiran making habit and to sink in something different, forthcoming and feeling in the air so I grabbed all my jars with glitter, gesso, artificial snow, mini art stones, glossy powder, lots of white acrylic paint and some beautiful chipboard ornaments. Further, I rubbed out the dust out from old boxes, full with sparkly bits of Christmas spirit, rolled up my sleeves and had a go....

Transforming my craft room into a Christmas winter wonderland by crafting festive decorations is always such a pleasure for me. It is so much more impressive to give a piece of original craftwork, rather than shop-bought glitz, to family and friends so don't wait! Do it! 
Invite the Christmas spirit in your home :-)

 Thank you for visiting!

You can find those enchanting decorations and many other my creations on my small FOLKSY shop:  Elena's Handmade Greeting Cards

Elena xxx

Tuesday, 10 October 2017


 Hi my dear friends!

I'm here again with my new Autumn inspiration for you.
Let me introduce you the Queen of the Autumn, Chrysanthemum!
Its name means ''Gold Flower''!

In Eastern culture it is believed to be a symbol of optimism and joy, and also thought to bring good luck into the home.

Using Suite Silk Foam and a Chrysanthemum Leaf Mould coupled with oil pastels, which you can find on www.crafteezee.co.uk., I'm going to show you how to make quick and attractive leaves, essential addition to your Chrysanthemum brooch! 

You need to follow those simple steps :-) 

1. Cut piece of Silk Suite Foam big enough to cover the Mould Chrysanthemum Leaf.

2. Cover the mould with it.

3. Start  pushing gently with your fingers above the foam and beware to do not move the foamiran piece. After a few minutes effort you should have this:

4. Gently remove the foam from the mould.

5. Carefully cut out the leaf follow the outline.

6. Use an olive green oil pastel to colour the leaf.

7. Apply a little bit dark brown to the edges of the leaf to making it more natural looking.

...and your Chrysanthemum leaf is ready!
It's easy, isn't it :-)

To highlight the beauty of my flower I've used 
 a stunning piece of lace, call Rebecca.

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Thank you for coming! 
See you soon!
Elena xxx

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Monday, 2 October 2017

Autumn Leaves

Hi! I'm back again :-)!

Fall is one of the favorite seasons of many people! Mine too! All the leaves from the trees and bushes turn into multi-coloured works of art. The colours are especially vibrant - mixture of red, golden yellow, green and brown.

This season is perfect for taking beautiful scenic photos and spending time outdoors. Nothing can relax and rejuvenate more than enjoying nature!

Today you can see how Autumn inspired me to make those picturesque leaves and berries spread. 

To make them all I've used mixed technique, Silk Suite Foam and some oil pastels which you can find in  https://www.crafteezee.co.uk/.

There are the selection of the leaves:

                                                      Sugar Maple Acer saccharum leaf  

Japanese Red Maple

 Beech, common (Fagus sylvatica)

Oak tree leaf 

And a few photos in different angles:


I hope that I inspired you for new wonderful Autumn projects!
See you soon!

Elena xxx

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