Tuesday, 26 June 2018

Flower spread Tutorial

Hi everyone!

Today I will show you not just one individual flower but also how to make a delicate flower spray from a few of the pretty open flowers. A flower arrangement like this can be used both for a scrapbook decoration and also for
a stunning flower accessory.

To make this flower spray you will need:

  •     A strip of white foamiran 4.5 cm x 31.5 cm,
  •     a strip of Dark green foamiran 1.5 cm x 18 cm,
  •       a cocktail stick,
  •       a glue gun with a glue stick,
  •     an iron, 
  •       pink (or some other colour) oil pastel,
  •     approximately 20 double-headed Vintage Rose 1 mm flower stamens, 
  •     a piece of a kitchen sponge,
  •       scissors,
  •       florist wire #30,
  •     a piece of green florist tape
  •       flower tool,
  •     a ruler 
  •       tweezers.

From the white foamiran strip cut seven equal squares, 4.5 cm x 4.5 cm approximately.

Draw a five petal flower shape into each square.

Cut each shape out.

Colour the edges of the petals on both sides with a little extra emphasis on the tips of the petals.

Heat the petals using the iron.

Push the centre of the flower with the flower making tool from the non-heated side.

Perforate each flower in the centre using a cocktail stick as indicated.

Using tweezers, stick a bunch of stamens (at about 1 cm in length) as shown in my photograph. Three double headed stamens are pretty much enough for each flower.

Prepare seven pieces of florist wire 10 – 12 cm in length.

Make a little loop at the end of each piece of wire.

Place the wire in the flower as indicated in the photos.

Adhere with a drop of hot glue and apply the little bunch of stamens in the centre of the flowers.

Clutch the petals as shown.

Attach the flowers in a small bunch with a piece of florist tape.

From the strip of green foamiran - shape two leaves.

Using the iron heat both of them.

Fold it along its length and bend it slightly as I have indicated.

Attach the shaped leaves at the bottom of the spray with glue and a piece of florist tape. 

Now the flower spray is completely finished.

Thank you for stopping by!
Happy crafting!
Elena xxx

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Tuesday, 19 June 2018

Yellow open flower

Hello everyone!

It's my turn to share a creation for Crafteezee blog today so I've decided to show you my last made flower.

To make it I've used two types of foamiran; Silk Suite coloured with oil pastels and yellow foamiran for the inner part of the flower.

To gain some natural appearance I've added some 1mm head stamens as well. 

Happy crafty week everyone!
Elena xxx

The products used can be ordered in the Noor! Design U.K. webshop:

Monday, 11 June 2018

Our Fluffy Friends card

Hello everyone!

For today's card I've used three adorable pieces of paper:
Pion Design, Our Friends 6x6'' - You've got mail; 
Pion Design, Our Furry Friends 6x6" - Bundle of joy and Maja Design, Denim & Friends - floral.

Who can resist looking at this fluffy Terrier, it delivers a full dose of cuteness. So much so that I have put the picture in the Scrapman frame 2 Die and used it to embellish my card.

Other materials I've used are a small piece of rose ribbon with pearls, a sample piece of beaded lace trim, some drusy sparkles resin embellishments and white vintage seam binding which is the best addition to any shabby looking card. 
A dozen large and small flowers made out of ivory foamiran took pride of place on the upper left corner, giving a gentle appearance to the card.

Thank you for stopping by.
Happy crafting everyone!
Elena xxx

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Wednesday, 6 June 2018

White Rose and blossoms

Hi dear crafters!

I'm coming today with something very pure and gentle, my last flower creation. As I said before, I love making roses so it's not surprising why my new arrangement features a white open rose. There are also some little apple blossoms, gypsophila stems and rose leaves. 
Here it is: 

To make all these I've used Zephyr Silk, white and forest green foamiran. 

I've added some blush hue to my mini flowers to gain this charming effect.

Hope this stunning flower arrangement will inspire some of you.

Happy crafting!

Elena xxx

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Monday, 4 June 2018

Orange rose and hydrangea flowers

Hello dear crafters!

For the June Challenge, I wanted to make something bright and vivid like upcoming summer and look what I've done. 
It was such fun playing with different types of foam, cutting, colouring and shaping dozens of petals to make all these blossoms. 
All materials used you can find on the Crafteezee online shop so why don't you have a go? :-)

Happy Crafting everyone!
Elena xxx

The products used can be ordered in the Noor! Design U.K. webshop:

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