Tuesday, 15 January 2019

Clematis flower

Hello Crafteezee friends! 

Today it's my turn to show you something made by me for someone very special so here is my latest foamiran flower.

My mum loves clematis flowers. She's been gardening for such a very long time and she always says that flowers make her world beautiful.
Happy Birthday, MUM! I love you! 

  In her garden, there are a few different species of clematis plants and she treats them if they were her babies.

My aim was to make a flower as close to the real thing as possible, so I chose to work with Silk Suite foamiran because it is very pliable, it can be much thinner (after special processing) and it is easily shaped.

Thank you for stopping by!
Happy crafty week!
Elena xxx

Wednesday, 9 January 2019

Flirty Fleur Card

Merry Christmas everyone!

There is a Birthday card I've made using an adorable Prima Marketing Flirty Fleur 12 x 12 paper pad, foamiran flowers, a piece of Gwendoline lace and a Laserows LOVE chipboard frame and some other items which you can see in the list below.

The sheets used are with amazing bluish, turquoise, greenish and silver iridescent colours which brought for the magick looking of the card.

Thank you for stopping by!
Elena xxx

Tuesday, 1 January 2019

Rose Juliet

Hello Everyone!

This is my first successful attempt to a rose Juliet and a rose of this type at all.
This rose is a product of lots of failures and experiments, different techniques of exploration and sleepless nights colouring and cutting hundreds of flower petals. 
Finally, I found my way of making it and I can say that I'm more than happy with the result!
Wish you all a happy and successful New 2019 Year!
Never give up!
Don't lose your curiosity!
Be creative!

Thank you for stopping by!
Elena xxx

Thursday, 27 December 2018

Christmas tree box

Hello Everyone!

Have a cheerful, holly, jolly and a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year too!

Today's post is for a very special gift box suitable for a little but precious gift.
There it is my Christmas tree box!

Thank you for stopping by!
Have a wonderful Christmas week!
Elena xxx

Tuesday, 18 December 2018

Black&White Christmas Tags

Hello Crafteezee fans!

It is a Christmas time! There are a few days until the most magnificent holidays in the Christian world.

Today I'm showing you my blac&white Christmas tags, made of a single sheet of 13 Arts Rose Flowers For You Transparent Foil and many sparkly additions from www.crafteezee.co.uk, which you can see in the list below.

Enjoy your Christmas crafting and go towards your dream projects, it does not matter if they are red, golden, green, silver, colourful or just black and white.

Happy Christmas!
Elena xxx

Monday, 17 December 2018


Hello,  my friends!

These Christmas Poinsettias are my entry to the Crafteezee December Challenge, "A Gift".
I hope that you will take part in it and will show your stunning Christmas creations!

And because the topic is ''A Gift", I would like to give one of these glamorous poinsettias which will be attached to the bobby pin base to some of you!
Please follow the link to understand more about this here: ....

Good luck Everyone! 

Tuesday, 11 December 2018

Christmas present

Hello everyone!

Do you buy Christmas presents for your family or do you make them on your own?

This year I've decided to surprise my sister with something handmade special for her (shhhhhh she doesn't read my blog :-)))))))

So there it is, a big red poppy flower brooch made of Silk Suite foam, an ideal material for real looking flowers.    

On the first three photos, you can see some phases of flower creation.

So don't wait, grab some foamiran (in the www.crafteezee.co.uk there are a lot of choices) and make an unforgettable Christmas gift for your beloved mum, sister, daughter or friend!

Happy crafting everyone!
Elena xxx

Wednesday, 5 December 2018

Christmas Mintay Card

Hello, dear Crafteezee friends!

I started my Christmas preparations so my DT project for the Chrafteezee blog today is this winter card.
There are lots of beautiful Christmas details in it which you can buy from www.Crafteezee.co.uk added in the list below.

Happy Christmas crafting Everyone! 

Thank you for stopping by!
Have a lovely week!
Elena xxx

Tuesday, 27 November 2018

Set of 4 Festive Cards

Hello, Crafteezee fans!

Let me show you what I did since last time when I told you that I'm starting my Christmas preparations.

There is a set of 4 festive cards with lots of sparkly, glittery and snowy details! 

This Christmas will be bright, colourful and glamorous! 

Ho - Ho - Ho :-)))

Thank you for stopping by!

Feel free to leave your comments!

Have a wonderful new week!

Elena xxx

Clematis flower

Hello Crafteezee friends!  Today it's my turn to show you something made by me for someone very special so here is my latest foam...