Friday 1 September 2017

Summer Suite

Hello everyone!

It's me again :)!
Recently I had fun to play with my favourite white foamiran and because was the last week of August I created the most colourful flower arrangement which I was capable of.

First, I've started with those little tenderly blue flowers with duck yellow stamens.

My next step was this lilac beauty ...

and its twin a flame red allure flower.

There was missing something fiery red like the August sun that can be the centrepiece of my composition. Here it is:  

Finally, my summer posy was completed - vibrant, intensive and lush as the summer itself!

Thank you so much for your visit! Bye for now!
Hugs, Elena


  1. OMG WOW!! Eeeeeeee I can't WAIT to learn from you!!! Woo hoo!!!!!


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