Tuesday 9 January 2018

FFF Tutorial

Happy New 2018, everyone!

I love discovering different ways how to use the same die. There is so many potential in one set. Two mounts ago I've shown you how can you make roses from such an amazing Whimsy Stamps Rose Die Set. This is why, today I'm going to demonstrate some other way how to use it and to make those beautiful FESTIVE FOAMIRAN FLOWERS (FFF) :-))))! 

I chose the middle die shape but you also can choose any other it depends how big your flowers like to be. As you can see I cut 6 petals out of blue genuine foamiran (you can choose any other of course).

To make my petals brighter, suitable for my project, I applied white oil pastel on them using piece of kitchen sponge. 

I heated every each as the iron was previously heated on grade 2 (silk)...

... rolled it quickly and stretched in the bottom part of the petal. 

There are some pictures for the next stage of my work,  which are going to show you successively how I stuck the petals.

Finally, I had this beautiful five petals blue flower with this stunning embellishment 'Button Alexis White' in the middle.

Those are some other examples: 

Hope you like them! I would love to see yours :-)

See you soon!

Elena xxx

The products used can be ordered in the Noor! Design U.K. webshop:


  1. Харесаха ми много, Ели. Благодаря за урока! Непременно ще ги пробвам.

    1. Благодаря, Маги, за това, че винаги насърчаваш, коментираш и никога не пропускаш да напишеш по нещо хубаво! С удоволствие чета коментарите ти! <3

  2. Hi Elena! These are simply gorgeous! Funny I made very similar flowers too but with different centres 😀😍 take care, chat soon xx

    1. Hi Ivy! Thank you for the beautiful words! I hope that I’ll see your flowers very soon! xx

  3. Ели, с това лесно (измамно лесно, бих казала) уроче, може пак да ми върнеш ентусиазма да пробвам.

    1. Кати, ти пробвай! Е, може да се наложи да изрежеш и понамачкаш малко повече от шест листчета, че се късат при разпъването, но тъкмо ще автоматизираш процеса :-)! Ще чакам да покажеш резултата :-).


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