Wednesday, 11 October 2017

Christmas Decorations

Hello my dear friends! 

I wanted to escape for a moment from all this colorful and obsessing foamiran making habit and to sink in something different, forthcoming and feeling in the air so I grabbed all my jars with glitter, gesso, artificial snow, mini art stones, glossy powder, lots of white acrylic paint and some beautiful chipboard ornaments. Further, I rubbed out the dust out from old boxes, full with sparkly bits of Christmas spirit, rolled up my sleeves and had a go....

Transforming my craft room into a Christmas winter wonderland by crafting festive decorations is always such a pleasure for me. It is so much more impressive to give a piece of original craftwork, rather than shop-bought glitz, to family and friends so don't wait! Do it! 
Invite the Christmas spirit in your home :-)

 Thank you for visiting!

You can find those enchanting decorations and many other my creations on my small FOLKSY shop:  Elena's Handmade Greeting Cards

Elena xxx


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