Monday, 1 April 2019

Apple blossoms

Hello everyone!

I have found a piece of Organza foam at the bottom of my shelf, where I store my foamiran.

As you already know it is very thin and delicate material. 

I don't want to hide that it needs more skill to work with it and to create natural looking flowers but look at these branches with apple blossoms that I have made.

They were worth all the hard work that I've put to make them.

To make these glamorous branches I used two different types of foam, Organza and Iranian Foam 0.6, some oil pastels Mungyo and acrylic paint as well.  

Some moulds were used for the leaves and the petals of the flowers. I have shown them in the list below.


I Think they are very close to what they appear in real life, aren't they?

Thank you for stopping by!
Have a sunny April week!

Elena xxx

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