Tuesday, 11 December 2018

Christmas present

Hello everyone!

Do you buy Christmas presents for your family or do you make them on your own?

This year I've decided to surprise my sister with something handmade special for her (shhhhhh she doesn't read my blog :-)))))))

So there it is, a big red poppy flower brooch made of Silk Suite foam, an ideal material for real looking flowers.    

On the first three photos, you can see some phases of flower creation.

So don't wait, grab some foamiran (in the www.crafteezee.co.uk there are a lot of choices) and make an unforgettable Christmas gift for your beloved mum, sister, daughter or friend!

Happy crafting everyone!
Elena xxx


  1. Ах, колко прекрасен подарък, Ели! Отново си надминала себе си! <3

    1. Благодаря, Маги! За много любим човек е.


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