Tuesday 13 November 2018

Winter roses

Good morning everyone!

Do you like winter? I'm not a big fan of freezing cold weather but Christmas preparations and celebrations make me definitely feel festive and happy! Before I start with my Christmas makings let me present my winter blush pink roses, my last creations. They will be part of something bigger, glamorous and really extraordinary. I promise to show the project when I finish it. 

Thank you for stopping by.
Your comments are welcome.
Have a wonderful crafty week!

Elena xxx


  1. Искам и тук да ти напиша, Ели, че ме накара да ахна. Толкова реални и красиви рози! Благодаря ти за насладата за очите!

    1. Мила Маги, благодаря за винаги прекрасните коментари и подкрепата!


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